Authors » Paper Guidelines

This year, we will have all prospective authors of Transducers 2021 submit manuscript styled papers (4 pages in length) that will be directly placed in the technical digest. Please follow the template provided.
  • Paper must be approved by IEEE PDF eXpress (pdf).
  • Please use an A4 Standard page layout. Please strictly follow the Transducers 2021 paper template.
  • All papers are to be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF) online via this website. Submissions will not be accepted via email, fax or post.
  • Please DO NOT place your reference number nor the category in the header of the paper. This submission will appear in the technical digest distributed to all attendees.
  • Ensure all fonts are embedded. When using Microsoft Word, please follow these instructions (pdf).
  • Even though this is a double-blind submission, we are asking for full lists of authors and affiliations on the first page. After submission, we will redact this information prior to sending the files for review.
  • The deadline of 10 March 2021 at 23:59 Hawaii Standard Time (HST) is a firm deadline.
  • ***IMPORTANT***: Begin your paper with specific novelty claim(s): what you have achieved for the first time, and/or how your work advances the state of research. Reviewers will judge your paper based on how your experimental/theoretical results support your novelty claim(s).
  • All submissions will be considered for both Oral and Poster Sessions unless the submitting author specifically requests a Poster presentation.
  • All authors and affiliations are given at the time of obtaining a Paper Reference Number and all conflicts of interest are selected on the form.
  • Unpublished references are submitted at the time of paper upload.
  • Upon acceptance of your paper, it should be understood that:
    1. One author from your paper is required to register and present your paper at the Transducers 2021 Conference.
    2. Registration will be completed and paid by the deadline outlined in the notification to authors.