Program » Presentation Types

Plenary Presentations
Internationally recognized plenary speakers will share their visions for how Transducers can address global challenges. In addition to providing a pre-recorded talk, speakers will engage in live panel discussions. We look forward to announcing the panel participants in early May!

Invited Presentations
An accomplished group of leaders from our field will offer invited talks throughout the conference. In addition to 20-minute pre-recorded talks, session moderators will support 10-minute question and answer sessions during the synchronous live portion of the schedule.

Oral Presentations
Submitted papers that are accepted for oral presentations will create a 10-minute pre-recorded talk, and will participate in a live, moderated, 5-minute question and answer session during the synchronous portion of the schedule.

Poster Presentations
Submitted papers that are accepted for posters will create an E-Poster, 1-minute Flashvideo, and participate in a live 1-hour virtual poster session during the synchronous portion of the schedule.

NEW!! "Just-In" sessions:

"Just-In Time" Posters
Poster presentations are invited for results that were not available before the submission deadline. Please submit a 1-page abstract using the template on the conference website by April 29. Abstracts, visible to the conference participants are not included in the conference technical digest and authors are free to publish their results elsewhere..

"Just-In Press" Presentations (Orals)
For these sessions, we are inviting authors of recently published/accepted results from a peer-reviewed journal in 2020/21. Please submit the journal paper to conference organizers via the conference website by April 29. Authors will be given the opportunity to share a 10-minute pre-recorded presentation, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session during the synchronous portion of the schedule. A new manuscript is not required, as the paper citation will be provided on the conference website.

Industry Sessions
Three real-time events are included in the synchronous schedule, which will be dedicated to serving the specific interests of Transducers industry participants and will include a range of talks and real-time discussions. The detailed plans will be announced shortly.

Student Events
Several student events will be included during the course of the conference. Detailed plans will be announced shortly.

Short Courses (Pre-Conference)
Two short courses are being offered during the weekend before the core conference schedule. These include "Key Technologies Available in Nanofabrication Centers" and "Towards System-level Modeling and High-fidelity Simulations of MEMS: Challenges, State-of-the-Art, Perspectives". Both courses will include real-time synchronous presentations that are repeated across multiple time zones.